Aquatic Therapy

aquatic therapyAquatic physical therapy utilizes therapeutic activities performed in the water in order to help improve motor control and develop motor skills.  The unique reduced gravity environment that the water provides allows many children with movement disorders to perform motor tasks that they are not able to perform on land.  Water can also provide resistance to movement and be used by the therapist to improve strength in the patient's muscles.  Additionally, aquatic therapy increases proprioceptive input and tactile stimulation which helps children develop body awareness.


Children who benefit from aquatic therapy include those that have spasticity, low muscle tone, muscle weakness, joint range of motion limitations, balance and coordination disorders, gait abnormalities, or decreased endurance.


aquatic therapy Aquatic Programs Are Currently Available at: 

Bogan Park Pool in Buford

Collins Hill Pool in Suwanee

Mountain Park Pool in Stone Mountain


545 Old Norcross Road, Suite 100    Lawrenceville, GA 30046